top of page is a one-stop shop for Indians & NRI's across the world to browse, shop & experience a bold & beautiful lifestyle. Positioned as India's #1 Adult Lifestyle web store & Bachelor/Bachelorette Party superstore, it is one of the most daring & bold concepts in Indian webspace. The brand showcases amazing products sourced from popular brands in US & Europe and presents them in a multi-device capable elegant online store for you to order them instantly in a smooth & 'easy on the eye process. 


HASSLE BAE for IMbesharam 


Hassle Bae was one of the three social media marketing agencies selected by IMbesharam across India for handling their social media for a quarter. The brand already had a good audience base on Instagram, the challenge was to make them interact with our content. Within a span of three months, we rolled out fresh sexual edutainment content which grew the engagement numbers by manifolds. Our strategy was simple, to normalize sexual conversations and educate the audience on matters that they often shy away from asking their loved ones. The plan was to become their whole soul friend in lust and love!

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We launched our first campaign ‘THE IMB SEX GUIDE’ which opened doors for conversations that never happened before (like a friend talking to another) on IMB’s platform. These guides were divided into chapters and every week there was something new to discover in the sexual space. The posts' shares and saves ( key engagement parameters) drastically increased and people started openly sharing their views on comments as well. We got a lot of bricks and bouquets, but nonetheless, IMB became the one-stop platform for trusted and relevant friendly adult advice.  

Hassle Bae planned and executed the launch of IMB’s collaboration with SOCHCAST for an exclusive erotic podcast. Something new, something naughty, something sweet and something not-so-nice-self-help stories for different communities across the gender spectrum. These podcasts were built around a simple idea to normalise the conversation around pleasure, sex, and sex toys with a partner, and were inclusive of gender and sexuality across the spectrum. 


We created a pre-buzz by initiating conversations around Auralism -arousal by sound and launched the podcast’s first episode on World Orgasm Day. This podcast had eight episodes, every week we launched one episode with complementing imagery and mood.

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