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FFAB is a warm oasis for all fashion designers and boutique owners. A fully integrated textile company that offers customizable printing, weaving, as well as embroidery; the prime focus lies in bringing together the largest range of designer fabrics while continuing the legacy of the Indian textile heritage. FFAB caters to a global market with an extensive range of natural Indian textiles. The company sells across India, covering 47+ cities, and 17+ countries across 3 continents, and has over 10,000+ happy clients. 




We are working as FFAB’s branding and social media agency since July 2021. Our KRAs involve social media marketing, re-branding, website designing, content writing, graphic designing, email designing, digital ads designing and creative direction for photoshoots. 


Since our association with FFAB, we have managed to create a refreshing brand identity and assisted the brand to build a firm foothold in the digital fabric market industry. With our creative efforts, the brand has seen exponential growth in terms of tapping the right target audience, engaging the existing customers and creating a desirable value for the textiles. 

Awesomeness Delivered in One Year 







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Nature's Sew

FFAB has been strongly associated with natural Indian textiles. They wanted to promote their natural textile range for which we launched a new collection called the Nature Sew. The creative mood board was as fresh as the morning dew. We wanted to promote the message that all our textiles are brought to life in harmony with nature. 


Ornate Knot

Fabrics and weddings are like the warp and weft, tightly knit with a lot of patience, care and love. In India, the wedding season is all about weaving memories of togetherness. We launched a collection called the Ornate Knot that symbolized the gathbandhan - an Indian wedding ritual that brings the heart and soul together.  All the Chanderis, Banarasi, Jamdanis and Silks took the limelight.


The Sustainable Weave

With the world embracing sustainable fashion, FFAB too believes in promoting textiles that are dear to our mother nature. For the creative shoot, we used ingredients that go into making natural dyes. For promoting the natural and sustainable angle, we kept the beat of the shoot very earthy, soft and close to nature. We created the graphic badge using inspiration from leaves and roots ( that are used to make these natural dyes).


Textile Treasures of India

FFAB has a deep sense of pride and respect for our indigenous artisans. The brand breathes on the textiles treasures of India. This campaign was designed with the objective to educate the audience on the variety of rich Indian textile crafts and also cross-promote fashion brands to get more visibility on our social media platforms.

Shades of Spring

The word spring in itself brings a wave of joy! The same can be seen in the campaign. We picked up props that relate to the beauty of spring and fabrics that are filled with colours and floras. We wanted people to fuse in the vibe of spring as they took the website or social media tour! This collection was free, vibrant, playful and lively.